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What We Do

The mission at Jim Troyer Coaching is to partner with clients to create a work environment that fosters employee well-being, performance, and a better work/life balance.

Who We Help...


We provide hiring recommendations, training and development, leadership development, performance and leadership coaching.


We specialize in employee groups of 3-16 people. Most training seminars are scheduled over two days and can be held on or off site. We provide continual consultation during the entire team cycle.


We provide performance and leadership coaching.

We predict and adjust employee performance and well-being.

We can show you what motivates each of your employees and give scientifically based suggestions on how to better utilize their strengths and individual skill sets to get them back on track.

We can help you analyze the particular hard and soft skills necessary for success in each of your positions, and then provide a corresponding employee profile that would be the ideal match.

Let us help you discover the root of your workplace frustrations and provide you with solutions for stress management, and methods for getting things under control so you feel confident!

Take the worry out of starting over! Let us help you discover what is unique about you, build upon your strengths, and find out what career paths would be the best match for your personality and interests.

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Jim Troyer Coaching Assessment Tools

Jim Troyer Coaching delivers specified report(s) and individualized coaching. We offer approximately 40 reports covering multiple areas. Jim Troyer Coaching uses multiple Hogan Assessment Systems psychological assessment tools. Each of these tools has been used extensively in Fortune 500 companies and has the foundation of scientific rigor to establish validity and consistency.

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Advantages of Jim Troyer Coaching

Results You Can See

Businesses are built on two things: money and talent. With a great strategy, and a robust culture, having talent leads to a strong and sustainable bottom line. When talent is emotionally invested in work, businesses see high levels of productivity, teamwork, and positive customer feedback, accompanied by low levels of interpersonal conflict, absenteeism and undesirable turnover.

Close a Gap in Expertise

We provide additional innovative and analytical horsepower. Our "tool box" is filled with theories, concepts, and best practices derived from scientific methodology. augments your current training and skillset and relies upon its extensive consulting and management experience to wisely utilize scientific findings to satisfy your expectations.


We assist in a variety of different ways: as content experts, diagnostic and prescriptive services, and process consultation. As a content expert, we are able to provide guidance based upon knowledge and experience the client can rely on to make his or her own changes to the work center. can also operate as "doctor" through investigation and recommend actions to mitigate personnel problems. The preferred method of advising is via "process consultation" wherein the consultant partners with the client and performs more in line as a facilitator. In this way, the client has a greater stake in implementing solutions that work best for the business.

Support a Variety of Clients

works with individuals, groups, teams, divisions/departments, and small, medium, and large organizations. We work with our clients to provide an additional unbiased perspective and to assist in the diagnosis of talent problems.

Transparent Methodology

Our methodology provides a shared understanding between and the client. There are 5 steps (Observation/Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) with specific deliverables at each step to ensure milestones are met.

Expert Advice

Expert Advice Jim Troyer Coaching () delivers specified report(s) and individualized coaching. We offer approximately 40 reports (see links below) covering multiple areas:

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The consultation engagement begins with observing and analyzing a focal issue, such as power and authority, morale and cohesion, norms and standards, and goals.


Measurement is needed to determine if the return on investment was made. These measures can be qualitative.